History of Neal

Harold Neal (1946-2009) founded Neal Manufacturing in 1977 and pioneered the mechanized application of asphalt sealcoating equipment. In 1980, Neal developed and patented the sand spray system utilizing a material filter to prevent clogging of the nozzles for coal tar applications paving the way for the 550 gallon tow-behind and ride-on spray machines.

In 1984, Maury Bagwell, who served as Plant Manager and Engineer for Neal at that time, designed and patented the ESP Hydraulic Piston Pump Spraying System which featured infinitely variable and extreme production rates and long wearing pump seals which remain the industry standard. In 1986, the ESSP 100 with electronically controlled super spray system was introduced in combination with a multi-nozzle spray bar which opened the opportunity for the industry to take on large commercial jobs with increased profits.

neallogoIn 1987, Neal introduced the industry’s first 350 gallon capacity self-propelled applicator, the SM and DA 350. This allowed applicators to spray up to 15 ft. widths and up to 42 gallons per minute without losing pressure. Neal now offered a machine capable of squeegee applications, multi-nozzle distributor bar, and two hand wands, whichever best fit the application. Neal also pioneered truck mounted rigs, skid mounted machines, and bulk storage tanks in several sizes, many customized for customer’s specific applications.

Blastcrete LogoNeal Manufacturing partnered with Blastcrete Equipment Co. in Oct. of 2013 and operates as a division of Blastcrete. The business was moved to Blastcrete’s 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Anniston, AL. Bagwell, who patented the ESP Piston Pump in 1984, serves as General Manager of Blastcrete and Neal Manufacturing, and Eric Humphries continues to serve as Sales Manager for the Neal Division. The Neal/Blastcrete partnership resulted in over 70 years of combined sealcoating experience and provides assurance that Neal will remain on the leading edge of seal coating technology and service.

Since 1950, Blastcrete has been a leading international manufacturer of mixing, pumping and spraying equipment serving the shotcrete, refractory, concrete construction and repair, underground mining and tunneling, flooring overlays and pool plastering industries. Blastcrete is a closely held family owned business that has maintained its position as an industry leader with quality, innovative equipment and world class service.

neal machine


After 42 years of experience manufacturing refractory materials and installation equipment, Jim has a wealth of knowledge to share with customers.


Tripp has focused on sales and customer support for 13 years while also providing equipment training to new customers.


Scott oversees business operations, develops new business, and takes care of customer relationships.


Eric, the Sales manager for Neal Manufacturing, continues in that capacity with the Neal/Blastcrete partnership.


Maury has a background in mechanical engineering and his primary responsibilities include product development, engineering and quality control.