Sealcoating Equipment

Neal Manufacturing Company, LLC manufactures high quality sealcoating equipment for professional pavement maintenance contractors. Leading the industry in innovation, Neal has set design and engineering standards that have shaped our industry throughout the decades. Our current models continue this tradition of excellence and high standards to bring you powerful and efficient applicators for your toughest jobs.

ESSP Spray Equipment

OVER THE YEARS Neal sealcoat spray systems have proven to be the high performance standard for professional contractors world-wide. Their rugged build and low maintenance, combined with the high volume pumping power of the Neal ESSP piston pump makes it a clear system of choice. Spray systems can be mounted directly to the bed of a truck, trailer or on a Neal Dual Applicator ride-on machine.

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Ride On Applicators

Neal Self-propelled machines offer  high versatility to contractors in need of squeegee and / or spray methods for material application. The SM (squeegee machine) units are equipped with the dual drag squeegee assembly while the DA (dual applicator) systems also include the Neal Piston pump spray system.

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Truck Systems

Neal fabricated truck systems are custom built for high efficiency on large commercial jobs. Truck systems can be configured to include dual spray wands, a 15 foot spray spray bar and a 10 foot squeegee drag system. Mounted permanently to the frame of the truck these systems range from 550 to 2,000 gallons.

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